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CAS, an American Chemical Society division that specializes in scientific information solutions, announced today the formation of its CAS Life Sciences Advisory Board in order to reimagine the future of scientific discovery. The board is composed of a world-class panel of global thought leaders who guide the CAS scientific journey to align authoritative content with cutting-edge predictive technologies that span the spectrum of life sciences workflows. 

The board will direct CAS drug discovery journey to enable better decisions early in the drug discovery process, from understanding disease progression with biological pathway data to assessing the effectiveness of exploratory drugs with enriched molecular biomarker data. 

CAS expanded content in the CAS Content CollectionTM in late 2022, including exhaustive biological sequences and bioactivity data designed to accelerate early-stage drug discovery research, with future additions including antibodies, omics, and more. Clarity® will be used as a technology foundation for rapid development in collaboration with Chemotargets. Future investments will continue to accelerate therapeutic innovation throughout the pharmaceutical R&D workflow from beginning to end.

More information available in the CAS Press Release