Repurposing Services

Repurposing drugs requires finding novel therapeutic indications compared to the ones for which they are already approved

services drug Repurposing
services drug Repurposing

Repurposing is an increasingly utilized strategy for finding novel medicines, one that capitalizes on previous investments while derisking clinical activities.

However, in contrast to what is usually perceived, repurposing initiatives imply much more than merely identifying new targets for old drugs [1]. Beyond a careful assessment of the intellectual property landscape, anticipating safety aspects can be absolutely crucial, as certain indications may be more feasible for repurposing than others because of marked differences in side effect tolerances.

Our integrated technology platform can be used for drug repositioning purposes, providing an old drug with a priority list of potential new therapeutic areas of application. The approach relies on the use of CLARITY®, the industry-leading software platform for predictive off-target pharmacology and safety of small molecules [2], CLARITYPV, a state-of-the-art analytics platform for translational safety and pharmacovigilance, and an analysis of the patent landscape for the new proposed indication [3].

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services drug Repurposing