Is an Innovative Data Science Solution

From experimental results to discover hidden knowledge, untap new competitive opportunities and improve R&D efficiencies.

innovative data science solution CLARITY MedChem
innovative data science solution CLARITY MedChem

Over the years, Chemotargets has designed, and continues developing an integrated technology platform involving a broad spectrum of cutting edge computational methodologies to help our customers to speed up their drug discovery projects, making them more cost efficient. 

CLARITY can be instrumental in several scenarios of customers portfolio:

  • Explore chemical space for computer-aided drug design
  • Evaluate polypharmacological activity of compounds acting simultaneously on multiple disease-relevant targets
  • Elucidate the underlying mechanisms behind phenotypic assay results (target deconvolution)
  • Uncover the full mechanistic profile to anticipate potential therapeutic uses of chemical series before patent submission
  • Perform drug repositioning and new indication discovery projects
  • Identify new opportunities for therapeutic intervention by correlating recently described targets, pathways and related small molecules
  • Perform virtual high-throughput screening of compound libraries
  • Identify off-target mechanistic liabilities
  • Anticipate safety issues associated with metabolites
  • Anticipate safety liabilities (structural alerts)
  • Elucidate molecular initiating events (AOP)
  • Gain insights and guidance for experimental assay planning
  • Evaluate endpoints of critical importance to regulatory authorities

Chemotargets CLARITY platform is being used by experts worldwide (Chemists, Biologists, Pharmacologists, Toxicologists, Computational scientists, and Regulatory scientists), from big and small pharma companies, and belonging at the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (FDA/CDER).