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Updates on data and models, and a new explorer module to navigate by scaffolds and molecules related data, the MedChem Explorer.

This month, we are pleased to announce the launch of CLARITY® v4.0, with a series of improvements among the different modules in terms of interface results presentation, optimized responsiveness and ability to save and restore navigation states as general performance aspects.

Highlights of the new version:

  • Updated pharmacology models (the latest 2019 data from public sources and patents)
  • Updated toxicology models (new model types (preclinical, clinical and postmarketing)
  • Updated FAERS data and signals (reports up to 2019Q2)
  • The FAERS Explorer module has been improved with additional analytics and the platform will work for quarterly updates available via patch
  • The Predictive Analytics module now shows new options for customized panels creation and includes models details for confidence assessment via models fiches presentation
  • The basket tool now allows for selecting molecules with structures available to basket and run a prediction and/or get a file with IDs from several chemical providers
  • NEW in this distribution: A new add-on module, the MedChem Explorer, an interactive tool that facilitates SAR analyses and Scaffold hopping, enabling the exploration of molecules by Murcko scaffold and the analysis of associated pharmacology, safety and therapeutic indications data. Including these chemical providers catalogues: ChemBridge, Life Chemicals and TargetMol.

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