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Updates on data and models, and a new analytics module to navigate FAERS data

This new version includes as improvements to previous release.

  • Updates of data and models processed:
    • DATA – An expertly curated training set of 2.6 million compounds derived from patents, journals and public databases to ensure comprehensive coverage of the chemical space.
    • MODELS – Pharmacology (3,601 targets) and Toxicology (7 Preclinical and 520 Clinical endpoints).
  • FAERS Explorer, a new analytics module to explore the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting system data (from 2004 to June 2018).
    • This module provides users with access to standardized contents of FAERS and analytics, including identification of emergent and consolidated signals, while being able to link them to drugs-targets-safety-metabolites-diseases.
  • An Indications tab in the Drug Explorer module.
  • Option to customized Pharmacology or Toxicology profiling, with a one-click custom panel creation by target family (e.g., kinases or nuclear receptors) or toxicology category (e.g., all endpoints related to CardioTox).
  • Higher GUI navigation speed and better global performance.

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