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Collecting and learning from the world’s biomedical data to advance drug discovery and development.

Our Main Company Pillars

CLARITY Suite Products

Our CLARITY Suite of products offer state-of-the-art methods and analytics platforms build on highly curated and integrated data covering your design, optimisation and surveillance needs across all drug discovery, preclinical, clinical and postmarketing phases.


Drug Discovery Services

We provide consultancy services on drug design, optimisation and repurposing. We are happy to take on difficult-to-treat targets.

Special emphasis is put on anticipating potential postmarketing safety issues based on early discovery and preclinical data.


Drug Development Pipeline

Chemotargets has established strategic alliances with top research institutions. The first two oncology targets have already entered our drug discovery pipeline.

We are also open to partnering and collaboration agreements.


Our Products

Our aim is to be able to serve all drug discovery and development personnel of an organisation, including medicinal chemists, safety pharmacologists, preclinical toxicologists, clinical investigators, and postmarketing surveillors.

The CLARITY Suite of products consists currently on the
CLARITY® platform for predictive pharmacology and safety and CLARITY PV for translational safety and pharmacovigilance.

Drug Discovery Services

Chemotargets can assist you in addressing mechanistic aspects of drug safety (Drug Safety Services), identifying new therapeutic opportunities for your or off-patent drugs (Repurposing Services), and design of novel bioactive small molecules for your protein target (Discovery Services).

collecting and learning from world biomedical data Drug Safety services

Drug Safety Services

collecting and learning from world biomedical data Repurposing services

Repurposing Services

collecting and learning from world biomedical data Discovery services

Discovery Services


Drug Discovery Pipeline

Chemotargets collaborates with leading institutions and hospitals to advance drug discovery and development of novel interventions. These projects operate as joint ventures in which Chemotargets owns a significant part of the results and associated intellectual property.

collecting and learning from world biomedical data pipeline